Silver Glass

Silver Glass - Hold Your Drinks with Pride!

May it be cocktails, mocktails, drinks, or simple water - Drinks are the attraction of any occasion! Gift someone or take home an ultimate Silver glass set with Anand Jewellers. Choose amongst the options and welcome your guests with something precious! Turn your choices in silver into assets for your space!

We bring you glasses that matter and with:

  • A variety in design for all your needs and wants
  • Variable weights for you to pick and decide
  • Best silver glass costto fit your budget
  • Elegance that fits any event or as a gift

Our hallmark silver glass set showcases excellence with purity and guarantee. Give us a chance to show you the products that meet your needs and wants! We ensure safe transportation and guarantee the material. Pick us once and see our grace and hospitality for yourself!

4 Items

Set Descending Direction
  1. Pure Silver Glass "Straight" shape
    From AED 605.00
  2. Pure Silver Jariji
    From AED 160.00
  3. Pure Silver Panchapatra
    From AED 515.00
  4. Pure Silver Glass "U" shape
    From AED 395.00
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Silver Glass