Silver Bowl

Dive into the World of Silver Bowl for the Next Best Supper!

Meals are incomplete without the presence of bowls for variety. Choose amongst our best array of the Silver bowl and add grace to your feasts. May it be lentils, soup, regular dish, or dessert - we come with a collection that blends with all! 

The large and small silver bowl fit best as an asset for yourself and a gift. We bring you an ultimate variety of silver punch bowl, decorative, and fruit bowl for all your regular and explicit needs! You will have the best Silver bowl onlinewithout hassles and confusion.

Our team ensures the best care of all your needs and wants by helping you choose the best fit. At Anand Jewellers, all your need for Pure silver bowl online will come to a halt. We believe in serving with excellence to quench the thirst of the buyer. We are a never to miss experience for all your silver needs!

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Set Descending Direction
  1. 925 Silver Leaf Bowl (1)
    From AED 490.00
  2. Pure Silver Bowl Plain (Stand Base)
    From AED 390.00
  3. 925 Silver Leaf Bowl (2)
    From AED 230.00
  4. Pure Silver Bowl Plain (Katori)
    From AED 90.00
  5. 925 Silver Cup (Stand Design)
    From AED 182.00
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Silver Bowl