The Best 925 Silver Idols - Choosing Idols that Speak

Every puja room is incomplete without a stunning murti. It is also best to showcase the house's beauty. Pick amongst the best silver idols 925 from Anand Jewellers and enjoy the perks of quality and price. We offer you the best in variety, cost, quality, assurance, etc.

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  1. 925 Silver idols (Cow & Calf)
    From AED 345.00
  2. 925 Silver Elephant Statue (Solid)
    From AED 290.00
  3. 925 Silver Laxmi Face (Gold Plated)
    From AED 620.00
  4. 925 Silver Shivling
    From AED 305.00
  5. 925 Silver Laxmi Face
    From AED 605.00
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925 Silver Idols