Benefits of Buying Sterling Silver Jewelry

Benefits of Buying Sterling Silver Jewelry


There are so many reasons why your next jewelry purchase should be Sterling Silver. In our article, we discuss the many benefits of buying sterling silver. Including how easy it is to clean, how it compares to gold jewelry and affordability. Read on to discover the incredible benefits of sterling silver to inspire your next purchase.




The Perfect Gift for Sensitive Skin

Jewelry made from materials such as nickel and stainless steel often react to sensitive skin such as causing rashes and making you itch. If you find yourself reacting to these materials, it’s worth investing in beautifully made sterling silver jewelry. Not only is sterling silver hypoallergenic, it’s a long-lasting material made from 92.5% or above of pure silver.




Long Lasting Jewelry

If you’re looking for a statement piece of jewelry that you can wear for those special occasions, invest in sterling silver jewelry. When taken care of properly, silver jewelry can last throughout your lifetime for when you need it, like birthdays, anniversaries and special events in your life.Whether you’re looking to buy sterling silver jewelry as a gift for a loved one or as a treat for yourself, you’ll be glad to know that you’re making an investment for many years to come.

When deciding on what jewelry you want to purchase next, one of the benefits you should think about is how long your jewelry will last. One of the reasons why you should invest in sterling silver jewelry is because it will last you a lifetime.

 Silver is a soft metal, just like gold and it needs to be handled with care. Continue reading below to learn how to care for your silver jewelry properly further down in this article.

 To make sure you’re getting the best high quality jewelry you can search for the markings on the jewelry that will contain ‘925’ or ‘.925’ hidden somewhere on your accessory to confirm the quality.

 Our jewelry ranges from 92.5% - 98% silver purity. Shop our range here.


Silver is Great Alternative to Gold Jewelry

Sterling silver jewelry is a fantastic alternative to buying Gold jewelry, which is typically more expensive. Sterling silver is cost effective compared to Gold, and longer lasting in comparison to jewelry made from non-precious metals. Both Gold and Silver jewelry are durable as they are both precious metals.

 If you’re shopping around for something extra special and Gold jewelry isn’t within your price range, we highly recommend looking at sterling silver jewelry. Our gorgeous Sterling Silver Bracelets with charms add a personal touch to your accessories.


Sterling Silver is Cost Effective

The quality of Sterling Silver jewelry is what makes it so appealing for its price tag as it is an affordable purchase where you will be investing in high-end accessories made from 92.5% or more of pure silver.The beauty of sterling silver is that it is affordable and can last you a lifetime, which means that you can treat yourself to a variety of accessories, from rings to bracelets, earrings and necklaces without overspending.

 Sterling Silver jewelry is a great option for your first high-end piece of jewelry for that someone extra special. We offer a variety of men and women’s Silver jewelry. Whether it’s for your significant other, sibling, or child looking for their first forever jewelry.


Staying on Trend is Easy

Silver is a soft material, which means it’s easy to manufacture for jewelers to add new designs to their collections constantly. Offering numerous styles of bracelets, necklaces, ankle bracelets and much more, you have endless choice of designs to purchase. This allows you to build up your lovely accessory collection with high quality jewelry that will serve you throughout the years.At Anand Jewellers, we know that jewelry trends change throughout the years. If you’re someone that loves to keep up with the newest trends by switching up your jewelry, you will benefit by purchasing Sterling Silver jewelry as investment pieces. You can also save them throughout the years to pass down to your children as a sentimental gift to cherish forever.


It’s Easy to Clean and Care For

Simply rinse your jewelry in warm water with any mild soap for a soft clean. Avoid using harsh scrubbing brushes as this may leave scratches on your beloved jewelry. Invest in a cleaning cloth, which is soft and won’t damage your accessories.Keeping your Sterling Silver jewelry clean is easier than you think. Because it’s a soft metal, a layer of tarnish can sometimes build up on your Silver jewelry due to Sulphur containing substances in the air. This can be removed by following care tips steps below.

 When not wearing your jewelry, we advise you to keep your accessories stored in an airtight jewelry box or bag and to keep away from household chemicals and perfumes.

 This simple method of cleaning your jewelry means that you don’t have to waste any extra penny in taking your precious accessories to be professionally cleaned, saving you costs in the long term!

 Now you know the amazing benefits of sterling silver jewelry - what accessory will you be investing in next? Visit our online store to browse high quality Sterling Silver accessories here.